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HR software for small business owners to streamline workflows and be more efficient

HR software for small business owners helps to streamline workflows and be more efficient

According to the SBA, there are roughly 31 million small businesses in the US.  Research shows that most of these businesses were still conducting paper-based benefit enrollments in 2019.  With that said, HR and employee benefits were already in the middle of a huge digital transformation when the pandemic hit, forcing even more companies to adapt fast or be left behind.  Contrary to how small business owners may feel, they do not need a large budget to digitalize and streamline workflows to be more efficient in the areas of HR and Employee Management.  They just need a benefit broker like Castle Group Health*, who offers a broker powered solution such as Ease.

Ease is an all-in-one cloud-based system that is considered one of the best HR software solutions available for small businesses.  Only available through your broker, we provide you with the core features of Ease at no cost, with optional add-on features available at nominal costs.  All the features of Ease are designed to help small business owners overcome common challenges they face:

  • No dedicated HR person
  • No dedicated IT infrastructure
  • Record keeping and compliance
  • Employee retention
  • Employee development and performance

With a 4.8 customer star rating, Ease is extremely intuitive and automates payroll, benefits administration, workforce planning, regulatory compliance and provides business owners with the tools they need to manage and retain good employees.  Here are just a few key features:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee communications
  • Employee performance (paid add on)
  • Benefit enrollment
  • Benefit administration & compliance
  • Payroll (paid add on)
  • Track time off (paid add on)
  • Employee self service
  • Mobile app
  • Live SHRM support 
  • Metrics and reporting

A unified system like Ease helps you increase HR efficiencies, track employee performance, and lets you never worry about compliance, because the system does half the work for you.  CastleHR has been helping clients roll-out EASE for nearly two years.  We provide complete training and everything you need to adjust to a new online benefit environment.

*Castle Group Health Inc/ DBA is located in Northbrook, Illinois and worked with thousands of small and medium sized businesses, providing employee benefit solutions for more than 30 years.  

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