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Technology is nothing without integrated broker service

Technology is nothing without integrated broker service

Every employer, no matter size, has a lot on its plate when it comes to HR.  But with today’s technology, businesses can manage many HR functions without missing a beat thanks to intuitive, all in one HR systems designed to handle everything from hiring to payroll, employee benefits to employee performance, compliance and beyond.  A silver lining is that many of these technologies are often provided at little or no costs as an inducement to do business.  However, free technology often leads us to overlook an important aspect our industry – service.  When it comes to HR and employee benefits, technology is nothing without integrated broker service. 

No matter how much innovation is at our fingertips, we, as brokers, realize we are still in a service-based industry.  Our goal is and always has been to provide employers and employees with the best health benefits at the lowest possible price, along with great personal service.  However, as benefit experts, we can do more, and Castle Group Health does.  Because benefits are one of the largest expenditures an employer has, we are uniquely positioned to help clients develop benefit strategies that align benefit programs with a company’s overall needs, financial objectives, and goals, and that is exactly what we do

Not losing sight of how important service still is in our industry, we have made combining great technology with great service the focal point of our business.  With us, you get more than technology and a middleman that negotiates rates with your carriers.  You get an ally that has the knowledge and potential to have a profound impact on your company, your employees, and their families’ overall health and financial wellness.  Everything else (insurance, compliance, technology, etc.) is just part of the deal.

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